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Split Profile Picture

Split Profile Picture

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  • Sent to you in under 24 hours.
  • Your custom text added.
  • Designed to be used as a profile picture or Discord server icon.
  • Fully animated and non-animated versions available
  • Seamless looping animation
  • 512x512 pixels

A Unique Discord PFP Template

Attract attention on Discord with a dynamic and visually appealing PFP animation! Introducing Split, a unique customizable profile picture template. Add your name and choose your favorite color to stand out from the crowd.

Design and Options

Split comes with two options: animated or non-animated. The animated option features a unique animation of the username text splitting and a new copy of the username expanding from the center of the text and seamlessly looping. The non-animated option is a static version of the same design. Both options have a grunge background and texture that add some flair and contrast to the text. You can choose from 5 different color options: red, blue, orange, purple, or green.


Split is a versatile and flexible Discord profile picture template that can fit well with various themes. Whether you are a gamer, a streamer, or a music lover, Split works great.

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Graphic Information


Graphic Size: 512x512 pixels

Graphics Files Included: GIF; PNG


I think my text will be too long to fit, what will happen?

All of our graphics are designed to automatically scale your text to fit as perfectly as possible. Since we edit all graphics manually, we double-check all text fields to ensure they look perfect before sending your order. If you submit long text, it will be precisely scaled to fit where it needs to.

Where do I receive my finished artwork?

At checkout, you'll see a text field labeled "Email to send finished artwork to". The email you type in will receive the completed graphics with your custom text added for you.

Can I get the text in my art changed after purchase?

If you haven't received your order yet, you can request a text change by contacting us. Please include your order number and before and after text.
If you've already received your order, we accept requests to fix a typo or spelling mistake, however, we cannot offer full word changes.

I lost the files for an old order. Can I have them sent again?

Yes! Please find at least one of the following: order number, order contact email address, or PayPal transaction ID. Once you have this information, please contact us and we will send you your order again via email.

How does the ordering process work?

We designed our website to make it as easy as possible create top quality personalized artwork. Simply choose a graphic and type in the text you want added to it. Once you place your order, we'll add your text to the graphic, then send the finished customized artwork to your email address as quickly as possible!