Common Questions

Can text be changed on templates after the order is finished and sent?

I can fix typos and spelling mistakes, however text changes to different words are not allowed. The reason text changes aren't accepted is due to the large amount of customer files that accumulate, and it can be hard to manage and find old orders.

Are custom requests open? Can I get a custom graphic?

You can check the status of custom requests on its page here.

Are Photoshop / After Effects files available for purchase?

Yes! All editable template files are available in their collection Here.

I think my text will be too long to fit, what will happen?

This is a common and simple situation. We are very used to having this happen. The font used in the banner will easily be decreased to fit as perfectly as possible with the long text.

What file type are the animated banners sent as?

Animated banners are sent as .GIF files, 468x60 pixels, standard size for all server lists. If the original banner file is above 350 KB, we will also send a reduced under 350 KB version for lower file size server lists.

How long does it take to have my template(s) finished and sent to me?

We finish and send all orders in under 24 hours.

What programs are used to design these templates?

Photoshop CC is used for graphics and design, After Effects CC is used for animation.