Common Questions

Are custom graphics available?

Currently we are focusing on creating and selling templates. We have a wide selection of high quality templates available on the shop. Currently there are no plans to do any custom work in the future.

Can I get my text changed after purchasing a template?

We are available for fixing typos or spelling mistakes you may have made when ordering, however we do not do text changes to completely different words.

How long will it take for my template to arrive?

Some templates, such as Photoshop files, are sent to you instantly after purchase. Other templates that require us to edit are sent to your email within 24 hours of purchase.

How does the ordering process work?

We designed the shop to be the easiest possible place to get the highest quality graphics. Simply type in the text you want in your template. (Below the template preview image.) Then, enter the email you'd like us to sent the finished template to. Once we receive your order, we add your chosen text to the template and send it to you via email within 24 hours.

I think my text will be too long to fit, what will happen?

This is a common and simple situation. We are very used to having this happen. The text in the template will easily be scaled to fit the long text as perfectly as possible.

Why do some of the animated banners say "After Effects file"?

If a banner says "After Effects file" as the product type on the product's page, this means the banner requires the Adobe After Effects program in order for it to be edited. These types of banners are intended for the buyer to edit themselves using After Effects, unlike our regular banners that we edit for you. If the banner's product page has text input slots, then we'll create the banner for you. If there are not any text input slots, then it is an After Effects file.

What programs do you use to create these templates?

We use Photoshop CC to create logos, icons, rank tags and any other static graphic. After Effects CC is used to create all animation and Minecraft server banners.