Rust Server Banners Now Available!

Rust Server Banners - Now Available!

After multiple requests, we're glad to announce Rust server banners are now available! These templates are designed to be used on server lists like Rust Server List to attract more players to join. When a player is searching for a server, it's important to have the best possible banner. The banner you use on server lists will determine if a player clicks on your server, or ignores it and moves to a server with a more attractive banner.

Banner overview

  • Advanced eye-catching animation designed to draw players
  • Size: 468x60 pixels
  • File type: GIF
  • Optimized for server lists: Small file size for fast loading, while keeping the visual quality great.
  • No software required! Simply type in your custom text and we'll create the banner for you!

Banner #1: "Rust Daytime"

Features falling text animation, a pickaxe mining a rock, and 3D animated background ferns.

Rust Banner Daytime

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Banner #2: "Rust Nighttime"

The nighttime variant of the banner, with a deep blue color palette that contrasts the orange color of the Rust logo.

Rust Banner Nighttime

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Banner #3:

Sleek Rust themed banner with some fancy cloth animation, particle effects, and a dynamic background. Available in 6 colors!

Rust Server Banner 3

Rust Animated Server Banner Blue

Rust Banner Template Yellow

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Banner #4 (10/16/2019)

Our fourth Rust server banner is our most advanced one yet! Featuring full 3D animation! Available in 5 colors!

Rust Server Banner 3D

Rust Server Banner 3D Blue

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Banner #5 (3/24/2022)

We're back with a fifth server banner for Rust servers! This server banner features animated axes, brushstroke text animation, and a colorful forest background. Available in 4 colors!

Rust Server Banner

Rust Server Banner Blue

Rust Server Banner Green

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Currently, 5 server banners are available! If you have an idea for a banner you would like added, feel free to suggest a banner!

Rust logo

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possible to do banner 4 in green?

Quinton Davis



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