About Us

Our Website's Mission

We're dedicated to providing the ultimate ordering experience for digital art, combining the fastest delivery with top-notch quality. All orders are completed and sent within 24 hours, (often under 12 hours!) including your personalized text added to the artwork with precision.

The Beginning

Woodpunch's Graphics began in 2014 as a simple forum post on Minecraft forums. The post was called "Woodpunch's Art Shop". I wanted to learn Photoshop, so I made art for people on the forum. It was a blast! I did a bunch of custom art projects in a few months and gained tons of experience. But then, I started drowning in art requests and had a hard time finishing them all. Because of all the custom art requests piling up, a couple of customers asked for pre-made template graphics. Those customers ignited the spark for this website.

Our Journey Since Then

Skip to the present day, where we've expanded this website to offer over 400 original high quality template graphics. We've hooked up art for Minecraft servers, Discord servers, Rust servers, YouTube channels, and even mod packs. Countless server owners have experienced an increase in their player count by using our server banners and other graphics. At the moment, we're releasing fresh art nearly every week, and we're working on expanding our collection of Discord profile pictures and profile banners!

That's all! Hopefully, this wasn't too dull. I truly appreciate you reading this! If you have any questions about the website, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.