About Us

Our Goal

We're dedicated to creating the best possible experience for ordering art, balancing the fastest delivery time with the highest quality. We make sure all orders are finished and sent in under 24 hours with your custom text added. (Often under 12 hours!)

The Early Days

Woodpunch's Graphics was started back in 2014 as a post on Minecraft forums. The post was simply titled 'Woodpunch's Art Shop'. At that time I was just beginning to learn Photoshop and I thought creating art for people on the forum would make the learning process easier and more fun. (It was!) I did quite a few custom art projects over the course of a few months and got a lot of experience. However, after some time I began to get overwhelmed with people's art requests and struggled to finish them all. This led to some customers asking if I had any pre-made graphics available. Thanks to those people, the idea for this website was sparked.

The #1 Source of Minecraft Server Art

Fast forward to today, we have expanded the shop to offer nearly 400 graphics. The shop has provided art for thousands of Minecraft servers, YouTube channels, modpacks, as well as numerous other game servers like Rust and Unturned. Many server owners have seen big improvements in their player count after using our server banners, and that is exactly what we hoped to accomplish. Currently, we're releasing new art almost every week, and we're starting to add more designs for Twitch and YouTube channels as well!

That's about it! Hopefully, this wasn't too boring. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this! If you have any questions about the shop, feel free to contact us at any of the places listed below.