Sandstorm - Twitch Overlay
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Upgrade your streams with Sandstorm, a deluxe fully-featured Twitch overlay package. Featuring 8 panels, a webcam frame, donation & follower alerts, recent followers and top donation bar at the bottom. + Social media info on the top bar. This overlay comes fully customizable, so you can choose to remove any piece you don't need. Also included are blank versions of all menus, so you can change the text to anything you want if you don't like the default text versions. (also included)
  • Fully HD 1920x1080 (1080p) Twitch overlay package.
  • Each menu item can be removed separately if you don't need certain menus.
  • Aside from the regular text menus, pack also includes blank text versions of all menus so you can fully customize the text if you don't prefer the default text.


Twitch Overlay

• 2 Colors

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