How to Order Art

Minecraft server banners

1. Choose a template

We have a huge selection of over 400 high quality graphics! Browse our animated server banners, Discord profile pictures, server icons, logos and more!

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Typing the text you want added

2. Type in your own text

Each art template allows you to customize it by adding your own unique text! The words you type in will be added into the art.

Please check for typos and spelling errors before ordering! If you accidentally submit your order with a typo or spelling error please contact us!

Cart button

3. Add to cart and checkout

Click the "Add to Cart" button once you're satisfied with the text you've typed. If you want to buy multiple templates at once, you can repeat the steps above for another graphic.

We support checkout via PayPal, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. A full list of payment options is shown at the bottom of the website!

Receive you art via email

4. Receive your personalized art via email!

Once you've made your purchase, we'll add your unique text into the artwork. We manually edit all graphics to guarantee top-notch results and ensure that every word looks perfect with the design. Within 24 hours, you'll receive an email from us with your finished art in various optimized sizes.