Minecraft Server Banner Guide

Server Banner Tutorial Guide

Need a Minecraft server banner? Here's what you need to know.

Example 468x60 Banner

Example Banner by Woodpunch's Graphics

#1 Server Banner Size

In order for your banner to fit the size of Minecraft server lists, it needs to be 468x60 pixels in size.

#2 How large in KB

Different server lists have different banner requirements in KB. Some server lists go up to 1 MB for the maximum banner size. The most common size limit is 750 KB, Planet Minecraft servers limit your banner size to 350 KB.

#3 How to create your own banner

To create your own banner, it is highly recommended to have experience in Photoshop for a simple banner, or After Effects if you want a complex 3D banner. Typing an entire tutorial on this page would require a lot of time, and there are already example tutorials on YouTube. If you want to create your own banner, start by searching 'How to make a GIF in Photoshop'. Learn to make a GIF banner and you're on your way to a nice banner!

Template banners

Minecraft Server Banner Templates

If you're not interested in creating your own server banner, we have over 100 Minecraft server banner templates that fit all the size requirements for Minecraft server lists. We have over 3 years experience creating server banners, and we offer the most complex banners on the market. Check out our animated server banner maker below if you're interested in checking out our designs.

Minecraft Server Banner Maker