Best Discord music bots

Best Discord Music Bots (2024)

Music bots can enhance your Discord server by allowing users to listen to music together in voice channels. We've created a list of the very best Discord music bots so you can quickly find the best ones to add to your server! These bots give users a lot of features for free and are very well made!

FlaviBot Music Bot

FlaviBot music bot website

The first Discord music bot we'll cover is the excellent FlaviBot. This bot is packed with features including a web player/dashboard for viewing and managing your music (you can also manage music in Discord with commands), filters for changing the sound of the music playing, DJ roles, playlists, queues, 24/7 mode, radio, a music guessing game, and stage channel support.

Web Dashboard

FlaviBot web dashboard

FlaviBot has an extensive web dashboard that allows you to easily manage and customize the bot with a simple visual interface instead of relying on commands within Discord. You can also manage the currently playing music, queue, and playlists from the dashboard.

FlaviBot's music player on the web

Playing Music in Discord Voice Chat

To play music in Discord, join a voice channel, then type the /join command to get FlaviBot to join your voice channel.

Example of the "/join" command in Discord

You can then use the /play command to choose a song. As you type, FlaviBot will give you suggestions for the song you're looking for. Once the song is playing, you can see this nice interface for managing the music in Discord. The web player will also sync up with the music, so you can manage it from there if you prefer.

FlaviBot playing music in Discord
The music playing interface you'll see in Discord
Music is synced on the web player
You can also manage the currently playing music from the web dashboard.

Music Filters

FlaviBot has multiple music filters, so you can change the sound of the music playing for totally unique effects. Here is a list of the filters available in FlaviBot:

  • "8d" audio filter
  • "Bassboost" audio filter
  • "Demon" audio filter
  • "Karaoke" audio filter
  • "Nightcore" filter
  • "Vaporwave" filter
  • "Vibrato" filter

Music Guessing Game

FlaviBot also lets you jam out with a music guessing game using a Spotify playlist. Score points by guessing the tunes first, and pick how many rounds the game lasts for!

Other Features

To see all of FlaviBot's features, check out their commands page!

FlaviBot commands list

MatchBox Music Bot

MatchBox Discord music bot website

MatchBox is another great music bot for Discord. MatchBox supports playing music from YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Soundcloud. It also supports auto play, 24/7 mode, audio filters, playlists, and more. MatchBox doesn't have a web dashboard, so all management is done within Discord using commands. The MatchBox website has more information about the bot.

Playing Music with MatchBox

Similarly, to start playing music with MatchBox you must first join a voice channel, then type /join to have MatchBox join the voice chat. Then, type /play [song] to start playing music.

MatchBox music bot play command

Once a song is playing, you'll see this nice, feature-rich interface in Discord that allows you control the music in various ways.

MatchBox music bot playing music

Music Filters

MatchBox also has a wide variety of music filters that can totally change the listening experience.

  • "8d" filter
  • "Bassboost" filter
  • "China" filter
  • "Chipmunk" filter
  • "Darthvader" filter
  • "Karaoke" filter
  • "Nightcore" filter
  • "Party" filter
  • "Pitch" filter
  • "Pop" filter
  • "Rate" filter
  • "Slowmo" filter
  • "Soft" filter
  • "Speed" filter
  • "Tremolo" filter
  • "Vaporwave" filter
  • "Vibrato" filter

Other Features

MatchBox also has features for assigning a "DJ" role, shuffling, autoplay mode, 24/7 mode, and more! To see all of MatchBox's features, check out their commands page!

MatchBox Discord bot commands list
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