Free Minecraft server banner

Free Minecraft Server Banner - Now Available!

We receive countless pleas for free server banners, logos, and more. Naturally, who doesn't love free stuff? Rejoice, my friend, for a new FREE Minecraft server banner template is now available for your server to use! This server banner is optimized for server list websites like Minecraft MP!

Banner overview

Free server banner for Minecraft

  • Includes the free, Open Font License font in the banner download
  • Designed for server list websites: Small file size, 468x60 pixels dimensions, attention-grabbing animation
  • Easily editable, simplified project file, text that automatically adjusts in size
  • Includes comprehensive editing and rendering instructions
  • Requires Adobe After Effects software to edit

Don't have Adobe After Effects?

Attract more players with the unrivaled quality of our server banner maker - the absolute best in the market!

Download the free banner

This banner is free to use for advertising your Minecraft server! We hope you all enjoy this new free banner!

Download free banner
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