Conan Exiles Server Banners

Conan Exiles Server Banners - Now Available!

Our first Conan Exiles server banners are now available! We've seen some interest in artwork for Conan Exiles servers and now we've created some awesome server banners with that specific theme in mind! These server banner templates are designed to attract more players to your Conan Exiles server by standing out above the simple static banners that many servers use. Designed for use on server list websites like Conan Exiles Server List, or for general advertising. Choose a banner and type in your server's custom text in the text fields!

Banner features

  • Advanced eye-catching animation designed to attract players
  • Dimensions: 468x60 pixels
  • Sent in 3 file sizes optimized for server lists
  • Sent to you with your custom text added

Conan Exiles Server Banner #1: Orange

This server banner features a bunch of advanced animated effects. Each text gets sliced in half by a sword. There's a fancy reflective metal arrow separating each half of the banner. The background has animated sand particles, plus there's some glowing fire below the "Main Text" field.

Conan Server Banner Orange

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Conan Exiles Server Banner #2: Blue

This variant of the banner uses a blue color palette.

Conan Exiles Server Banner Blue

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Currently there are two server banners available that are designed specifically for Conan Exiles. However, we have over 100 server banners available in total on our website. Many of our server banners are created for other games but will work for a variety of themes, including Conan Exiles. Be sure to check out the rest of our server banners collection at our Minecraft server banner maker page!

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