Free Discord Profile Pictures

Our first free Discord profile pictures are here! Feature your name or initials in these sharp, futuristic PFP templates!

Two Text Options

Two text options

Each profile picture template has large and small text layers, allowing the use of an initial or your full Discord name.

Easy to Edit

Easy to edit in Photoshop
Beginner-friendly Photoshop file.

We've simplified the Photoshop file of each template to make adding your name as simple as possible. If you're interested in modifying the template beyond adding your name, each element of the project is editable inside the "Icon Background" group.

Download the Project

These profile pictures are free to use. The complete project file is available for download below.

  • Includes "Exo" font family
  • Three color variants: blue, red, and yellow
  • Requires Adobe Photoshop to edit
Download project