How to find servers on Discord

How to Find Servers on Discord: A Guide

Discord is a popular platform for gamers, streamers, and anyone who wants to chat with like-minded people. But with over 6.7 million servers, how do you find the ones that suit your interests, hobbies, and personality?

You could spend hours browsing through the public server list, hoping to stumble upon a hidden gem. Or you could follow this guide and learn how to find Discord servers that are perfect for you.

Basic method: Use the built-in server Discovery

Discord server discovery

One of the easiest ways to find Discord servers is to use the built-in server Discovery option in the Discord app. This feature allows you to browse through thousands of public servers that are verified by Discord or associated with popular brands, games, or influencers. You can filter the servers by category, such as Gaming, Music, Education, or Entertainment. You can also search for servers by keyword or tag, such as "Minecraft", "Harry Potter", or "memes". To join a server, simply click on its listing and you'll enter the server. It's a simple method but it can actually be helpful. Click the compass button to open the server discovery area.

Server discovery button

Better method: Use third party websites dedicated to finding servers

The built-in server discovery tool is alright, but there are better ways. Try these third-party websites to find very specific servers that match your interests!


Disboard website homepage

Disboard is a website that helps you find and join Discord servers that precisely match your interests. To use Disboard, you can visit its website and browse through the many categories and tags that are available. You can also use the search bar to look for specific keywords or topics. This website goes far beyond the discovery tool with its detailed tags system. Disboard is free to use and has over 1.3 million servers listed on its website. has a server list that can help you find cool Discord servers. Similarly to Disboard, it has many tags that allow you to narrow down your search.

Discord server list

Use your Steam library to find Discord servers

If you're still not finding servers using these methods, there are some more creative ways to find servers. If you are a gamer, try browsing your steam library for games you love that may have a Discord community associated with it. It sounds simple, but using your existing interests can help you find servers that you'll love.

Steam games library

Use social media to find your interests

Browse through your YouTube subscriptions to find creators and communities you might like to chat with on Discord. Browse other social media platforms like Twitch, Twitter/X, Facebook, and go through your following list. It's simple but it works.


We hope you found this guide useful and informative. Now that you know how to find Discord servers, you can join them and start chatting, voice calling, and streaming with your new friends. Have fun and enjoy!

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