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Adding a server icon to your Minecraft server is easy. You'll also attract more players and look more professional by having an awesome icon! In this tutorial we'll show you how to add an icon, as well as how to create a custom icon from scratch.


Adding an icon to your server

Before trying to add a server icon, make sure you have downloaded the Minecraft Server JAR from the official Minecraft website. If you use a server host, log into your server dashboard and use FTP to add the icon to your server.


  1. Find an image to use as the server icon. You can use Google to find an image to use as an icon, create your own custom icon, or use one of our server icon templates.
  2. Make sure the icon size is 64x64 pixels and the file type is PNG. You can re-size and convert images to PNG by using online tools like Simple Image Resizer.
  3. Once your icon's size is 64x64 pixels and the file type is PNG, rename the icon file to 'server-icon'. Make sure you copy the text exactly or it will not work.
  4. Move the server-icon.png image into your server's main folder. Add the server icon
  5. After restarting your server, check the Multiplayer server list. You should now see your server's brand new icon! Cool Custom Server Icon
    This icon design is available from our icon maker.

  • That's all there is to it! You've made your server look much more professional, as well as increased the chance for players to join. If you need to change your server icon in the future, simply swap out the 'server-icon.png' image. Now we'll show you how to make your own custom icon from scratch!

    Creating a custom server icon

    1. Open Photoshop, then choose File > New
    2. For the width and height, type 64 pixels. Make sure it is 64 pixels, not another unit of measurement, such as inches. That would be one massive server icon!
    3. Set the 'Resolution' to 72 pixels/inch.
    4. Click 'Create'
    5. You should see a blank square.
    6. Let's start by picking a background color. I've picked blue, but you can pick any color you'd like.
      Choose a color
    7. Unlock the Background by clicking the lock. Unlock the background
    8. Press Alt + Delete to fill the background with the selected color.Icon solid background
    9. Let's add a stripe to the center. Select a brighter color, then add a new layer by pressing Shift + Ctrl + N.
    10. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M). Click and drag to create a rectangle. Once the rectangle is the correct size, release the mouse.
    11. Press Alt + Delete to fill the rectangle with the color you selected. Icon with Stripe
    12. Press Ctrl + D to deselect the rectangle.
    13. Let's add a fancy gradient effect! Create another new layer by pressing Shift + Ctrl + N.
    14. Select the Gradient Tool (G).
    15. Choose a white color from the color picker.
    16. Copy these settings for the Gradient Tool in the top-left corner. Gradient tool settings
    17. Now, drag from the top of the icon down to the bottom. You should see a white fading gradient appear.
    18. Set 'Layer 3' blend mode to 'Overlay' and the opacity to 80%Layer 3 settings
    19. Your icon should now look something like this: Server icon with gradient
    20. Finally, let's add some text! Choose the Horizontal Type Tool (T).
    21. Click in the center of the screen and start typing text. For our example, I've used the free Norwester fontFinished Server Icon Image
    22. Now we have an awesome, completely custom icon! Feel free to add more to your icon, make it really cool!
    23. To save your new server icon, click File > Save As. Make sure to save as a PNG and name it 'server-icon'. :)


    You made it!

    We hope this tutorial has taught you everything you need to know about server icons. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at We've got years of experience with graphic design, and we're glad to help.

    Our Icons

    If you're interested in having us make you a server icon, you can also check out our server icon maker, where we've got over 60 unique designs!

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