5 Cool Discord PFP Designs

5 Cool Discord PFP Designs

Here are 5 of our best Discord pfp templates available from our Discord pfp maker! Each design has non-animated and animated gif options suitable for Discord Nitro or regular Discord users! You can easily add your own name or any other text to these cool pfp templates! Your personalized pfp will be delivered as an optimized GIF file with your text added for you.

5. "Ember" Discord PFP

Fiery discord pfp design with embers

Ember Discord pfp gif

This vibrant red PFP is eye-catching on Discord with your name written in shiny metallic text. The intense fire reflects on your name and is encircled by drifting embers. The background features a cracked, rugged concrete texture. Available as a static pfp or an animated gif pfp.

Ember Discord PFP

4. "Energy" Discord PFP

Discord pfp with lightning and metallic text

Lightning Discord gif pfp

Zap! This electrifying lightning-themed Discord PFP is a showstopper! Colorful lightning bolts dance wildly behind your name, which is written in gleaming beveled metallic text. Available as a gif pfp or a static pfp!

Energy Discord PFP

3. "Retro" Discord PFP

Retro themed Discord pfp

Retro purple Discord pfp

Blast to the 80s with this cool retro themed Discord PFP! Add your name right in the middle of this mesmerizing sun design with a cool ripple effect below. Grab it in purple, blue, or sunset colors! Available in both animated and non-animated options!

Retro Discord PFP

2. "Color Spill" Discord PFP

Green Discord pfp with color splash

Color spill Discord pfp gif

This is our newest design on this list. This amazing profile picture was an instant hit, and become popular very quickly. Feature your name in a gorgeous 3D cursive font with an underline and a glossy black stroke. In the background, a splash of vibrant color explodes on to the PFP, like a dropped bucket of paint. Available in blue/green, yellow/red, and blue/pink color options! Choose animated or non animated options for each color.

Color Spill Discord PFP

1. "Glitch" Discord PFP

Blue Discord pfp with glitch distortion

Glitch blue Discord pfp gif

This is our most popular PFP design! Display your name in this stunning environment with a shiny metallic floor, bouncing sparks, and rising steam in the background. Your name or initials are added with a unique "glitch" effect that distorts the text slightly. Discord users absolutely love this profile picture design! Available in blue, orange, green, and purple. Available in animated GIF format or non-animated PNG format.

Glitch Discord PFP

Hope you found a pfp that vibes with your theme! If not, we've got over 40 more Discord pfp templates available from our PFP maker! Check out our profile picture maker below, or click "Discord Art" in the navigation menu at the top. Cheers!

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