265 Buycraft Icons Pack - Now Available!

265 Buycraft Icons Pack - Now Available!

By popular demand, we have added a second BuyCraft icon pack to the shop! Crafted features 265 unique icons for your server's donation store, more than our first pack, which included 204 icons. Each icon comes with 8 unique colors to fit your server's theme as perfectly as possible! The new pack has a classic Minecraft theme, with golden polished metal emblems and a shiny metal frame.

Here are some of the included icons:

BuyCraft icons pack

Crafted BuyCraft Icon Pack

Each icon comes in 8 colors

Icon List

  • Crossed Axes, Single Axe
  • Crossed Pickaxes, Single Pickaxe
  • Golden Apple Icon
  • Cube
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Crossed Shovels, Single Shovel
  • Premium Member Tag Icon
  • Treasure Chest / Mystery Box
  • Creeper Eggs and Other Eggs
  • Coins, Small, Medium & Large Size
  • Chestplate
  • Crafting Table
  • Plus 249 More!

Check out the new pack

Crafted - BuyCraft icons pack

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