2 NEW YouTube Banners + Shop Updates!

New YouTube Channel Art

2 NEW YouTube channel art templates are now available! "Weapons Ready" is a Minecraft themed channel art with diamond swords and golden apples. "Broken Glass" features broken glass with a lush background.

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Also, some updates to the shop:

  • Added green 'New!' tags to new products to make them easier to see.
  • Collection pages will now show how many color options are available for each product
  • New total template counter at the footer of the site, plus some other pages (197 as of writing this!)
  • Home page will now show the latest news article
  • Added YouTube and Twitch icons on the Templates dropdown menu
  • Moved the "Suggest a Template" button on collection pages to the top of the description banner to save space
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I need for my YouTube plz


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